About Vesna TeleCare

Vesna TeleCare evolved from Vesna Medical Staffing,

an established and trusted healthcare staffing agency

serving the greater New York area.

Vesna Medical Staffing was founded by 

Elena Yakubov, MSN, RN.

Elena's passion for providing intentional, compassionate healthcare began when she was 14 years and acting as the primary caretaker of her grandmother. In her native country of Russia, the family is usually expected to provide this type of healthcare. While this could be seen as a burden for some people, Elena cherished every moment. This seed grew into a lifelong mission to provide the highest standard of healthcare and to encourage preventative self-management. 


Elena's belief in the power of proactive self-care continued to bloom throughout her time in the medical field. After witnessing her father avoid a life-threatening complication through self-management, the mission became that much more personal. 

Vesna TeleCare is so excited to start this journey of providing partnership to practices, giving them the tools to approach the future and their patients the education and insight needed to fight their conditions. 


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